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CLUG is the world's smallest bike storage rack. Working seamlessly with your floor to wall mount your bike either vertically or horizontally.

Our wall mounted bike storage rack, CLUG, works with your floor to store your bike vertically or horizontally.

Available in five sizes ranging from 23-81mm, the CLUG mounts in minutes using the screws and wall plugs provided.

CLUG & CLUG PRO fixes in place with two screws (screws and wall plugs are included). You’ll be up and clugging in no time.

CLUG & CLUG PRO is made from a durable ABS polymer, tested for 10,000 insertions and comes with a 2-year warranty as standard.

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"Beautifully simple but very effective storage solution."

"A handy storage solution which can turn your pride and joy into a wall feature."

Any questions?

If you have CLUG roadie or hybrid, the answer is yes you can as long as your wall is thick enough to accommodate the full length of the screws. We recommend attaching a wooden stud or panel to the wall to reinforce it. If you have CLUG mtb, mtb XL or plus then the answer is no. The reason is that larger, ‘nobblier’ mountain bike tyres exert a much greater pull force on the CLUG and drywall/plasterboard/stud is unlikely to cope.

No, CLUG works with your floor to store your bike either vertically or horizontally.

The CLUG PRO is rated to hold a bike or e-bike up to 30kg which covers every bike you’d actually want to ride! During testing we discovered the CLUG PRO was able to hold considerably more. This means if you have a e-bike, CLUG PRO will hold it as long as the tyre is within the CLUG tyre width range and it is 30kg or less. It’s worth noting that in normal use (with at least one wheel on the ground) the weight acting on the cord/winch is a tiny fraction of the rated weight.

Original CLUG holds bikes up to a maximum weight of 20kg (if you need a roadie it's up to 13kg).

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