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Is the CLUG or CLUG PRO suitable for me?

May 30, 2022
Is the CLUG or CLUG PRO suitable for me?

You may be looking at one of our bike storage options and need some more information on which one to get. We have put this guide together to compare all of the Hornit storage options available!


CLUG is the world's smallest bike rack and is available in 5 sizes suitable for tyres from 1"/23mm to 3.2"/81mm. A key point to note when selecting the right size, is that the CLUG works by taking your actual tyre size. This means you must measure the width of your tyre before purchasing. It is easy to use the manufacturers stated width however we often find that these sizes are overstated and so can cause you to buy the wrong size CLUG. Simply measure the width of your tyre from edge to edge and use this measurement to determine which CLUG size you require. CLUG works on brick, plasterboard and wood and should be used in areas of lower traffic. CLUG is easy to install and comes with the fittings required to install it.  


CLUG PRO is the big brother to the CLUG and was designed in collaboration with FIDLOCK to include the addition of the strap capable of holding bikes in CLUG even with the biggest of knocks. Combining the extraordinarily strong FIDLOCK winch and high-performance cord, the CLUG PRO can comfortably hold a 30kg e-bike meaning your bike will be protected from accidental knocks or tyre deflation over the long term. CLUG PRO is perfect for areas of high traffic, if you have kids or animals or you don't use your bike every day. The high performance cord gives you extra peace of mind to know your bike is safe in your CLUG PRO and can be tailored to the depth of your rims. Choose your CLUG PRO size in the same way as CLUG, by measuring your tyres widths from edge to edge. Check out the CLUG PRO in action with Alistair Brownlee here! 

CLUG upgrade kit

The upgrade kit is suitable for if you already have a CLUG and you wish to upgrade to the CLUG PRO. The upgrade kit is a cheaper way for an existing CLUG user to get the CLUG PRO with minimal waste. The CLUG, CLUG PRO and upgrade kit all have the same footprint meaning you can easily upgrade between the two models so long as you are not changing size. For example, if you have a CLUG hybrid and you wish to get a CLUG PRO hybrid, you would need to buy a CLUG upgrade kit hybrid so you can use the same gripper that is in your current CLUG. If you are changing your bike tyre, you will need to purchase a CLUG PRO in the new size as you will be unable to reuse your current gripper, due to the difference.