AIRO Balance Bike (2020 'EX-DISPLAY')
AIRO Balance Bike (2020 'EX-DISPLAY')

AIRO Balance Bike (2020 'EX-DISPLAY')

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From time to time have a limited number of ‘ex-display’ bikes available at a discount. They are the same levitatingly light (2.95kg) and award-winningly stylish AIRO with the same lifetime warranty. It’s just that they have been pulled aside due to minor cosmetic imperfections.


‘ex-display' AIROs have had no previous owners, but may have been damaged in transit or used in a test and/or will have minor cosmetic imperfections such as marks, chips or scratches.

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Not all balance bikes are created equal

Weighing just 2.95kg starting your little one out on their cycling journey is easier for them than ever before! Thanks to the AIRO’s incredibly lightweight, ultra-hard-wearing magnesium alloy frame they can effortlessly propel themselves along.

Lighter on the wallet than any comparable balance bike, the AIRO is superior on every meaningful measure.

The AIRO features footrests which have been stylishly contoured into the frame and the air-filled rubber tyres on aluminium rims make for a smooth free-wheeling experience. The neoprene padded stem provides additional safety, while the fully adjustable seat makes it perfect for ages 18 months to 5 years (with a recommended inside leg of 30-46cm / 11.8" to 18.1").

In addition, sealed bearings mean that the wheels are better protected against road debris and the elements. Zero-maintenance and available with a lifetime warranty, the AIRO will be the first step into the world of cycling for your budding mini champ!

Lighter than all 23 comparable competitors. We searched long and hard for a lighter balance bike and the only ones we found one were made with plastic wheels and uncomfortable foam tires. Not all balance bikes are created equal.


Choose between Candy Floss Pink, Hot Chilli Red, Hammer Yellow, Orca White


We are so confident in the quality of the AIRO frame and forks that we offer a lifetime warranty meaning all your children will be able to start their cycling journey on the same bike!

Award Winning

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Further Information

Technical Specifications:

SUITABLE FOR AGES 1.5 to 5 years
WEIGHT 2.95 kg
RECOMMENDED INSIDE LEG MEASUREMENT 30cm to 46cm (11.8" to 18.1”)
COLOURS Available in 6 Colours (Red, Pink, White, Yellow, Turquoise and Blue)
STEM Aluminium, 55mm extension
SADDLE HEIGHT Adjustable saddle height from 29cm to 44cm (ground - saddle top)
MAINTENANCE Maintenance Free
FORKS AND FRAME Magnesium alloy
TYRES COMPASS (W3108) 12.5" * 2.25" black (actual width for CLUG mtb 47mm (1.85"))
VALVE CAPS These have been removed on our AIRO range as they are a choking hazard

Frequently Asked Questions

The correct seat height should have the child sitting on the Airo’s seat, with feet flat on the ground, with a slight bend in the knees. For long-distance striding on smooth surfaces, you can raise this slightly. For obstacles, tricks, and off-road riding, the saddle should be adjusted for slightly more bend in the knees.

'Ex-display' bikes are new and structurally sound but have a small amount of cosmetic damage. This ranges from small marks or scratches on handlebars or frame to paint imperfections.

Quality is important to us, that’s why we use proper rubber tyres for a super smooth riding experience (rather than cheap solid foam tyres which make for an uncomfortable ride).

The Hornit AIRO has been toy safety tested for a child of 18 months+ and so the valve caps had to be removed in accordance with the EN71 toy regulations as they present a choking hazard.


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