Hero 14" Pedal Bike ("EX-DISPLAY")
Hero 14" Pedal Bike ("EX-DISPLAY")
Hero 14" Pedal Bike ("EX-DISPLAY")
Hero 14" Pedal Bike ("EX-DISPLAY")
Hero 14" Pedal Bike ("EX-DISPLAY")
Hero 14" Pedal Bike ("EX-DISPLAY")
Hero 14" Pedal Bike ("EX-DISPLAY")
Hero 14" Pedal Bike ("EX-DISPLAY")
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Hero 14" Pedal Bike ("EX-DISPLAY")

The HERO 14” has been designed for children with an average inside leg measurement of 34-44cm (approx. 2.5-4.5 years old). Weighing just 5.4kg, the HERO’s super lightweight aluminium frame and upright riding position and slightly longer cranks make it easier for your child to manoeuvre and control with confidence, while being light enough to carry around. The premium Gates belt drive system is maintenance free so no more oily or rusty chains and is safer for inquisitive little fingers.

Mudguards Information

Please note, if you order mudguards with your HERO you will need to install them using our step-by-step instructions. Installation takes around 10 minutes.

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Not all bikes are created equal.

You never forget your first bike. Which is why every last part of the HERO 14” has been carefully considered to optimise weight, quality, comfort, safety and style. Weighing just 5.4kg, equipped with a silent, smooth belt drive system and available with a free lifetime warranty for the frame and forks – the HERO 14” has been built to last.

Please note: EU delivery is currently unavailable. Due to factors outside of our control we have temporarily ceased international delivery. We apologise and hope we will be able to ship the HERO to our European friends again soon.


Choose between Snapper Red, Blue Racer, Mawas Orange or Pink Dragon.


HERO’s are designed to last a lifetime which is why we offer a free lifetime warranty on the frame and forks to the original owner for as long as they own the bike. Visit our 'Warranty Information' page for more details.

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Further Information

INSIDE LEG, AGE & HEIGHT 34-44cm inside leg measurement.
For kids who are 95 - 110cm tall.
Approx age: 2.5-4.5 years. 
WEIGHT AND SIZE 5.4 kg with 14” wheels. Frame is 6061 Butted Aluminum.
WHEELS Double wall aluminium alloy rims.
Sealed bearing hubs.
Double butted spokes.
HEADSET AND STEM Japanese quality aluminium headset for smooth handling.
Short (40mm) lightweight stem for agile steering.
HANDLEBARS Double butted aluminum riser bars.
GRIPS Ergonomic grips designed for children's hands.
DRIVETRAIN Gates carbon drive belt drive 48/22T gearing.
Aluminium alloy cranks 105mm length.
Sealed cartridge bottom bracket.
Freewheel hub - no coaster brakes.
Optimised size, flat plastic platform pedals.
Q-Factor 144mm.
Full pedal stroke cycle distance: 70.7cm.
Aluminium belt tensioners.
SEAT Combo seatpost saddle.
5mm Allen key seat clamp.
Adjustable seat height of 42 to 52 cm (ground - saddle top).
FORKS AND FRAME Magnesium alloy.
TYRES Kenda 14" * 1.75” tyres for maximum grip and suspension.
Fits CLUG hybrid.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can add these as additional extras when you buy the bike. If purchased, the kickstand will come fitted to your bike already. The front and rear mudguards will come loose in the box. To fit them you will need to follow our step-by-step instructions which can be found by following the link found in the 'Mudguards Information' link at the top of the page.

Universal stabilisers can be fitted to HERO, but it is not what we recommend or stock. If your little one is 30 to 48cm then we would recommend the AIRO balance bike instead of stabilisers.

HERO pedal bike sizes are based on inside leg measurements. The 14” pedal bike is designed for an inside leg of 34-44cm (approximate age 2.5-4.5 years old). The 16” pedal bike is designed for an inside leg of 40.5-50.5cm (approximate 3.5-6 years old). The 20" pedal bike is designed for an inside leg of 48-56cm (approximate 6-9 years old). The 24” pedal bike is designed for an inside leg of 57-67cm (approximate 8-10 years old).

‘Ex-display' HEROs have had no previous owners, but may have been damaged in transit or used in a test and/or will have cosmetic imperfections such as marks, chips or scratches. These are still inspected pre-delivery by one of our in-house mechanics.

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